Web 2.nothing I don't know

This Web 2.0 buzzy business is starting to get to me. I spend more time reading about what other people are reading about than actually doing any reading of my own. And if I ever find anything worth reading I am tagging it and saving it and rating it before I have even read it.

Never mind the fact that I always have a minimum of 5 tabs open at one time, and cannot read more than one sentence of one item before I jump to the next tab to read a snippet of the next thing.
Gone are the days when I had the ability and concentration to “single-task”. I simply cannot do one thing at a time any more. I can read 5 articles at once, but I wonder if I actually absorb any of it?

I forsee us humans of the future: we have the ability to super-multitask, and we have zero memory. Why remember it when you can just google it? And our personal memories will all be bloggified for easy reference.

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