I am a Thoughtfollower

I am so new to blogging, I only discovered the blogosphere in February of this year, when I somehow ended up on Michael Trapido’s Thoughtleader blog. It was a good introduction. It inspired me. I wanted to write about things that would make people think, that would catch people’s attention, possibly even inspire someone. I wanted to be a Thoughtleader.

Um, since then I may have downgraded this ambition somewhat. It seems that my opinions and thoughts have been thought and voiced by hundreds of other people, and they do it so eloquently and are factually accurate. It appears that I am a Thoughtfollower.

This blog was going to be fairly intellectual, but I realised early on that I wasn’t breaking any boundaries. So I resorted to a kind of memoir style, writing about the weirder things that have happened to me. 

Now it has morphed to pretty much anything goes. I am not up to much, intellectually, at the moment. My brain is rebelling after roughly 7 years of tertiary education. 

So, yeah, maybe one day I will go back to being an intellectual wannabe, but for now, I am enjoying writing so much, just for the sake of writing. Whatever comes up, I will write about, sorry if it doesn’t exactly push the envelope (why pushing envelopes, that  doesn’t sound very challenging? Pushing trains, now that is impressive).

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