My head feels worn 

with too much thought
or too little, and torn
between fear of success
and failure safely borne.

Nothingness is easier than you think-
but slipping through the cracks,
hiding from mediocrity, 
is only to sink.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ches
    Sep 16, 2008 @ 19:47:00

    Damn Coldplay…Were the mind games on X&Y not bad enough? I still haven't figured out what the cover means!? :)


  2. po
    Sep 16, 2008 @ 19:49:00

    ChesI tell ya. That X&Y album confused me cos it was masquerading as gospel or something. This new one is just… bizarre, but so awesome.


  3. mona
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 09:20:00

    Coldplay are out of this world.they are the perfect band for me.their lyrics? Ultra deep.i heart chris martin.genius!their new albums diff bt i like!


  4. Tamara
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 13:38:00

    Bizarre but awesome is the best description I’ve heard yet.”You thought you might be a ghost… You didn’t make heaven but you made it close…?!?!?!?!?!


  5. po
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 18:14:00

    TamaraThat line you quoted is the one that has been lurking around in my brain the most! I love it: “you didn’t get to heaven but you made it close.”Almost funny in a way.mona: I am so into their new album, it intrigues me.


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