festival. fringe festival. book festival. Islam festival. Edinburgh Tattoo. people. swarms of. castle. dead volcano. trip over people. jugglers. swords swallowers. acrobats. drummers. kilts. bagpipes. unicyclists. flyers. everywhere more flyers. cardboard ice-cream van. stripper. dancers. unicyclists.


ghosts. torture. history. ghouls. haunted tunnels. comedians. more unicyclists. bad comedians. funny comedians. dodgy pandas. baked potato. boy in labcoat. elephant puppet. man in bird suit. man in Elvis suit. cannibal with dating issues. Englishman, Irishman. Scots. Funny Canadian. every other kind of man.


I went to Edinburgh this long weekend, and these are just a few of the things I saw. It appears that the poor city of Edinburgh has decided that if foreigners must flock to their streets, they must get it over with and squeeze every possible event and festival into one month, so it was a bit manic. Talk about visual overload, I am not sure that I have processed it all.

It was totally awesome.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ches
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 14:09:32

    Don't tell me…someone sat down with a quilt on? Tha would be visual overload ;)


  2. Tamara
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 15:42:53

    Bwahahaha… Ches!Sounds good. Do we get more details when the mental processing is done?


  3. LadyFi
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 16:31:58

    Sounds like a great mix of the absurd and the amusing.


  4. Helen
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 17:00:43

    Sounds awesome! The Edinburgh festival is totally on my to-do list! Please tell me there weren't mutant ponies? Or a cow you could put your hand in… Don't judge me, I've heard stories…


  5. po
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 18:58:14

    Ches: I did not see that particular visual, no, but if I had I would probably be in denial :)Tamara: I think there was too much to see for me to put it into words, by the end you almost could not take any more in.Ladyfi: it was! Absurd being the play about the cannibal with dating issues!Helen: well I was there on he last day so maybe the horse and the cow had already moved on… thank god!


  6. SonnyVsDan
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 04:25:47

    i love the Edinburgh Tattoo! Used to watch it on TV all the time with my parents. So special.And bagpipes are cool. Annoying, loud, but cool


  7. po
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 03:04:29

    We never got to see the tattoo but we did hear it! It must be spectacular to be there and see it live.


  8. Dora
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 03:33:15

    Oooooo! That sounds great! I wish I knew it was like that!For some reason I always though it was just a few plays and comedy sketches at one venue…. :(


  9. po
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 02:51:09

    Dora: hehe it is HUGE! There are about 200 venues, including almost every pub you come across. It lasts nearly a month. There is so much happening that it gives you a headache trying to decide what to see. We made it easier by only hunting out the free stuff.


  10. Dora
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 04:27:14

    Ah dangit! Now I know what I'll be doing this time next year!


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