I am loving

This song Great white bear by Dear Reader, and the awesome music video that goes with it:

You should check out their website too, it is beautiful.

Apparently this album was released in February. But I only heard of this band this weekend. For this I blame:

  • me, because I am a lowly cowpat and know nothing about new South African music
  • you South Africans who are not cowpats, for not telling me
  • me, because I am a nerd, which means I never know about new music and only hear it a year later.
Never fall in love with a spider, guys; “til death do us part” may come more quickly than you think.

15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Goblin
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 13:01:35

    Um who?Apparently I'm lamer than you when it comes to new music :/Nice video though. May have to look into this.


  2. Champagne Heathen
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:01:34

    I'm with Goblin on this… who? I hadn't heard of them, but now, I am liking them! Send CD please :)


  3. Paula
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:44:25

    LOL. I know Dear Reader is the old Harris Twees- but I never liked them much to be honest so i didn't even give Dear Reader a proper listen. Since you said they were cool; I'll give them a listen soon… I hope. Great White Bear according to my friend is a GRAND song so I'm starting right where you put us. PS- But apparently spiders are GREAT lovers LOL. XD


  4. Paula
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:44:57

    Tweed sorry


  5. po
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 16:17:38

    Goblin: wha lamer than me? Not possible. MAybe they just aren't popular?Champs: don't have the album yet, but do have the song and one other which I can send you!Paula: ja apparently, but I never heard of Harris Tweed anyhoo. I don't know if you should be trusting my recommendation of cool, since I is a mega nerd :)


  6. Prixie
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 16:25:26

    er, who are they? even a saffa in sa is in the dark. hahaaaa! lameness all around the globe then!


  7. po
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 16:49:32

    PS champs if you go to their website you can listen to the whole album for free! And see if you life it. I thought the video to "Dearheart" is also pretty cool and funny.Prixie: no way, and you are even from Gauteng. Maybe they are just not on the radar?


  8. Tamara
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 17:48:03

    Harris Tweed changed their name? I thoguht I recognised Cherilyn's voice.That music video freaks me out a little.


  9. po
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 18:33:04

    Tamara: I know! It is eery or spooky or something a little unsettling. But I think it is really good and haunting. I like.For when I am feeling sad or urgent or stuff like that.


  10. 6000
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 19:39:50

    Yes, yes – it's Harris Tweed. And I would have told you about it, but the lead singer has got such an annoying voice, I thought I'd spare you.


  11. po
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 19:54:41

    6000: apparently the real Scottish Harris Tweed "asked" them to change their name. Haha. I love her voice.


  12. Helen
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 01:36:30

    Harris Tweed changed their name? I was wondering why I hadn't seen anything from them in a while!


  13. po
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 02:36:05

    Helen: Am gonna have to check out their tweedy stuff now, before the Scots got all sensitive!


  14. Tamara
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 16:46:07

    I interviewed them once. They were nice. And they had permission from the Scottish Harris Tweed, so I wonder what changed? Mebbe they did something naughty?


  15. po
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 17:25:56

    Tamara: you interviewed them?! How cool! You have a cool job :)I wonder what happened?


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