What a struggle.

Before I start, two random things:

  1. I ate chicken feet this week
  2. I have been feeling hideous this week

And the two are in no way connected.

Moving on. You may have noticed, if you live in South Africa, or read South African news if you are a loser expat like me, that the ANC Youth League are quite annoying. If someone insults one of them, they “declare war”. If someone looks at one of them, they “declare war”. No cunning rhetoric, no debate or legal arguments, they just “declare war” and that it that.

I think we all know why this is so. The ANCYL have a bad case of Misplaced Struggle Syndrome (MSS). For generations their ancestors struggled against oppression. The current YL seem to be about my age, which means they were small in the 80’s, the height of militarism in the townships, violence, anger, and the Struggle. Mini Malema probably grew up fueled on Struggle stories, and knew in his mind that when he was older he would fight in the Struggle too.

Unfortunately for him and others, we 80’s babies were born too late to struggle. Mandela was realeased when he was 8 or 9. The first democratic vote happened when he was about 12. Sure there was loads of violence going on way into the 90’s but essentially the Struggle was over. How does it feel when the fire driving your life, the passion to fight no longer has a purpose?

The older ANC members can proudly say that they fought in the Struggle. They can settle into being wealthy politicians safe in the knowledge that they went to prison for their people. But the Youth League were thwarted. Which is why they now declare war on everything that moves.

They need a struggle.

And we need to help them, because I am sick of their MSS. Does anyone know of a good struggle for sale? No wait, I have a better idea.

Let’s find a remote island, far far away. Let us call this island “Celebrity Struggle Island”. Let us set up a struggle so hard that they shall struggle. And struggle. And struggle.  Each week there shall be new struggles to face. And when we feel that a person is all struggled out, when they are ready to leave war behind them, then we can vote them off the island and back into reality.

The last struggler standing wins a lifetime supply of struggle on Struggle Island.

What do you think?


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cam
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 07:28:38

    I’m struggling to stay awake! Can I go there?


  2. Tamara
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 07:38:13

    My best is the fact that Malema still believes he’s struggling with poverty. See this article


  3. Tamara
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 07:39:15

    What I find so bizarre is that Malema still believes he’s struggling with poverty. See this article.


  4. Paula
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 08:47:15

    Hmmm. Struggle Island. I think so too. Yet I don’t care enough for them. I just need to find a party I can vote for thats NOT d.a. don’t even ask me why- my reason is so inane. I just hate the sense of entitlement they all feel; the weird thing is though; its only a few members of the ANCYL… okay one… because I went to a few of their ANCYL parties (there’s free alcohol- I mean Perone and Moet Cliquot here.) and they were quite intelligent. Maybe it is because of the free alcohol that they are like that?

    My mumsie eats chicken feet all the time. I still can’t get passed it though. She even eats chicken heads when my dad’s mom visits. They love that stuff. And TONGUE! yuck.

    You see me and my moms mom got along really well because she didn’t eat all the things that I didn’t eat. She was the best. She made pickled fish every sunday, with beetroot salad and stew. My dad mom is like anti everything I do eat. LOL

    Why the feeling of hideousness Po?


  5. Po
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 08:52:17

    OMG I seem t have broken my blog layout again! Sorry!

    It seems that in the evening, if I make changes to my blog they don’t show. Then they show in the morning. Disaster. Oh well, I can’t change it now, I’m at work, so it will have to be screwed til tonight.


  6. Po
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 08:54:46

    Cam: If you really want to?

    Paula: I know, their intelligence is not in dispute, not with me. I just find their MSS, while totally understandable, quite tiring. I feel they have a mental blockage and need therapy to get past it :)

    The Chinese guys at my work love chicken feet. I must say they are not my thing. But I thought I should try. I’m still haunted by them though. I think you need to grow up eating that stuff or you just never develop a taste for them.


  7. Helen
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 11:47:51

    chicken feet? Ew. I accidentally had an anchovy yesterday and I’m still recovering…

    As for the struggle… I remember someone saying that the problem is that people who are the ideal leaders in a struggle/oppressed situation are those with revolutionary-type personalities. Take away the struggle and they’ve just got lots of energy to fight against… oh, wait. Lets just get a fancy car and get caught speeding a lot!


  8. Shannon
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 16:06:58

    It could be like a weird political version of “Temptation Island.” (If this terrible piece of American culture has not made it to your shores, be very grateful.) I vote yea!


  9. Kirsty
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 17:17:21

    I totally agree – except that I wouldn’t even credit Julius Malema with any intelligence whatsoever! It’s scary that someone as rash, ignorant and ill informed could rise so high. I certainly hope it’s not an indication of where a once-proud party is headed.


  10. Louisa
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 07:11:38

    I like the idea of a struggle island…but once they’re there they should stay there. No one should be allowed to vote anyone else off!


  11. Angel
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 05:50:03

    Oh lawdy I so hear you! Malema is an embarrassment who doesn’t think before he speaks and I wish the ANC would rein him in.


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