Stuff about bands with silly names.

I have been wanting to move back to South Africa for a very long time, but the thought has always been abstract and distant.

I realised that if I used my intrinsic way of making decisions about the future, which always seems impossible, (I mean, who knows what will have happened in 6 months? How could you actually plan something that far away?) it would never happen. So we are making different kinds of desicions that involve us coming at a certain time in the near future, whether or not we have found work, and seeing what we can do when we are there.

Now that the plan is real and SOON, I am terrified. There are so many things about moving that frighten me and so many things I am not sure about, that I feel the only solution is to blog about them. To abuse my blog readers with a series of angstful blog posts where I fret about various things.

I fear this will make awful reading, so sorry in advance. I have made mental lists of all the things that I am worried about. I even have a list of all the lists. This is where my inner categorising, terminally boring side comes out.  I am very good at analysing minutely the details of my inner turmoil.

I know, I know.  YAAAAAWWWWWN.

But for today I wanna do a music post. You all know that I have amazing music taste, right? I mean, I was telling the world about Florence and the Machine for years before she became more than a blip on the charts. And Mumford and Sons. So I must be some kind of genius of cool, right?

And I am known for my modesty too :)

While I listen to a range of things, for the last few years my taste has become predominantly Indie. How did this happen? And so mainstream indie too. I am aware that I am not cool at all because of this. But if you think you might like indie, then what do you think of this?

I love it! It seems so much softer than the music I used to like, but I just love the anthemic, jangling guitar solos.

So if you suspect you might be into indie or want to be as cool as me (hahahaha disclaimer, I was a hardcore nerd at school, was in a group known as the nerdherd and everything. So you are in danger of becoming a nerd just by reading this. And very uncool. You have been warned.) then here are some of the indie bands and albums I have been liking since I have been liking indie (I know they all kind of sound alike but that is true for most genres, so wah):

Arcade FireThe Suburbs (they are Canadian)
FoalsTotal Life Forever (They are Briddish, from Oxford, where I work.)
Editors – they are quite old school hard indie, but I like some of their stuff. They are also Briddish, from Birmingham, near where I live.
Death Cab for Cutie – am loving their new album, Codes and Keys. They are from the US.
Mumford and SonsSigh no more (they sound like American country and westerners, but they are from London. I live nowhere near there.)
Noah and the Whale – Last night on earth. Also from London.
Florence and the Machine – I think the world knows about her now and her amazing album, Lungs. She be from London too.

You may notice a predominance of British bands. Well, obviously I live here and am exposed to them, but I also happen to rate British indie big time. They are the most talented. But then, I really don’t know many South African or other indie bands, so if anyone has any recommendations, please send them this way to increase my cool quotient. I need it.


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  1. tiah
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 08:58:16

    Best of luck dealing with your future. Honestly, it never seemed real. We kept talking about it and talking about it and talking about it, but we never got to the point where we ever thought it would really happen. Then Husband sent off his CV ‘just to test the waters…’ and it started a flood of water rushing at us. We couldn’t really think about it any more, let alone talk. Things like moving countries – life just sweeps you up – it is suddenly really happening, and you better start swimming. Its only after it is all over that you go, ‘That was nuts!’


  2. Damaria Senne
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 09:37:28

    Good luck on dealing with the future. I hope it all gets sorted and you can settle easily back in SA.
    I’m so musically ignorant ( of both mainstream and indie bands) that I don’t know any of the bands you mention. But I like the song you posted. It’s the type of song I like…


  3. sleepyjane
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 09:51:36

    Ooooooooooooh. I’m going to get all those albums today and I’ll report back with my findings. Especially DCFC – love me some Death Cab! You might want to check out The Decemberists – I kind of love them and I think you will too. And also The Black Keys, Die Heuwels Fantasties (awesome SA band), Okkervil River, Jack Johnson, Mirah…there’s more but I can’t think of everything now. I’m also not sure that all my suggestions are indie but I promise you’ll love them.

    And as for moving back , all you’re doing is coming back home aren’t you? :D I can totally understand that that it’s scary though, I’ll be here to go through your lists of lists. <3


  4. Nes
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 11:19:47

    Exciting! I only recently found out about Florence and Mumford and sons (and I listen to them both tons and tons) so I am excited about the other bands.

    To me blogs are about the lists just as much as the ‘cool’ stuff so bring on the list of lists! You’ll be fine! :)


  5. Helen
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 12:27:13

    I discovered (well had it pointed out to me) Noah and the Whale last week, and I think it’s one of my favourite bands now. You should try the New Pornographers, the Concretes, Sparklehorse (mainly for the name), the Fiery Furnaces, Feist, Stars… so many awesome bands! And I think you would like the Black Hotels if you were back in SA.

    P.S. I like your taste


  6. po
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 13:40:14

    Tiah: well, I think I might come running to you in the next few months! I think things will be different for us because I don’t think it will be easier for us to find jobs, but if we are coming anyway, we are going to have to do the packing and the mega-organising. It is not real to me now, it all seems like a big effort but far away, but I know that really I should be cracking away now, cos it will all hit us just as we are about to go!

    Damaria: I’m glad you liked it :) It’s to a very particular taste, so I know loads of people who hate that kind of music. Fair enough.

    sleepyjane: I could never get into Death cab before. I tried. But I was just listening to iTunes snippets and thinking… nah. But I love this album so much. I have two songs from the Decembrists that I love so much but I never tried listening to a whole album before. Am always nervous to buy music before I know I love it. Maybe I should try lastfm first! Or youtube. Thanks for the suggestions, gosh now I have loads of bands to check out.

    Nes: I loooooove Mumford and sons, although have been listening to them for quite a few years now, they need a new album. And Florence. Obviously these bands get big in the UK before the rest of the world, so I have probably had more exposure. But I have heard that Florence is bringing out a new album in about July, awesome!

    Helen: oh yes I enjoyed their album, noah and the whales, until the DCFC album has eclipsed them. Noah and co are very lighthearted. The Foals are more complicated and intense and instrumentally, but I really recommend them too. They have quite a strong Britishy sound though, that may not appeal to everyone. I did hear Sparklehorse once, haha I need to check them out again. And the Black Hotels, I remember you posted a video on your blog once and I liked it.


  7. Paula
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 16:53:56

    Yaaaaay you’re really coming! Yaaaay! Drats about your long list of list of stuff and that you are worried. But some dude said that 90% of the stuff you worry about don’t happen. Lets hope all the stuff you’re worried about doesn’t fall in the 10% teehee.

    This band is hawt. Although the name is misleading. And I should have never watched the music video- am i shallow in liking bands with good lookers? They are just not my type. But hawt none the less. I like indie. Its a very friendly genre.

    Although I am a bit of a metal head. Not punk. Yho punk freaks me out a little bit. Not the hair. The music and the culture. scary stuff.

    In terms of decision making weigh the pros and the cons and then decide. Helps me heaps and heaps. Or um do the follow your heart method which is to flip a coin right. Heads or tails for yes or no. And then you throw it in the air- the answer you really want is the one that makes your heart clench while the coin is in mid-air. Example. I really like John but I also really like Jacob so I flip a coin for who I want. All of a sudden while the coin is in mid-air I’m like freaking hell i hope its john. Then I know John is the one i really like. Although the coin method isn’t full proof. Sometimes the actual meaning of heads or tails is the thing that decides.


  8. Po
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 21:44:34

    Paaaaulllllla I have missed your quirky blog comments, you can’t be so quiet again, m’kay?

    I think worrying is good in a way, cos the last time I moved country, I didn’t really think about anything at all. I was like, homesickness, pffffffft what is that? Actually I kind of miss that me, cos I was so young and excited to be travelling I didn’t give a thought to anything except conquering the world. But that me is loooooong gone. And now I know about homesickness and all the other things that come with moving, and I also know that things will be a lot harder this time because I am much older. So it is good to be prepared but I do overthink things!

    Hahaha to the band, I know they are really not very attractive, and actually all of the bands on my list are not hot. But if they make music that good, I do not care. Their guitar riffs are hotter than any person :)


  9. Paula
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 18:00:08

    I’ll try my damdest to comment! It’s just sometimes while I’m reading sometimes I’m already commenting and then I leave the post thinking that I have commented when I haven’t. It’s weird.

    Oh i see what you mean. I’m still youth-ishly into not seeing consequences- but that is wearing off. Maturity is proving to be a bit of a drag, but worser slackers than myself have done it. so I need to make an effort. lol.

    But maybe you should approach it with a half and half as well. Like try and figure what you’re hoarding and what’s really important. like the whole wants and needs and all- ya dig?

    Yeah, their guitar skills are off the chain. Enough for me to ignore the looks. lol.


  10. Tamara
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:43:45

    @Paula: Chick, where have you been? I miss your quirky blog.

    Po, I am pathetic when it comes to music. I love it (some of it), but I am not good at finding stuff I love, so I’m still listening to Simon & Garfunkel :-)

    And bring on the angst and lists – what else are blogs for?

    As for bands with silly names, I hve a friend who wanted to call his band Butt Mullet.


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