Isolation nation

On Thursday, while I was blissfully surfing the internet or at the gym or something, The leaders of the EU countries were meeting to try and hash out a plan to save the EU.

Apparently David Cameron refused to sign the thing, the plan, and since then there has been much chaos, speculation, cries of the country going to the dogs (wait, am I in South Africa again?) etc.


I saw this line in a newspaper:


“Britain this morning is more isolated than at any point in the 35 years of British membership of Europe.”


I woke up on Friday with no clue that this meeting was happening and had no clue that the winds of isolation were howling throughout the land. I did not feel particularly more isolated than the day before. I did not feel a fathomless void where once a deep connection to Europe resided. I mean, this is an island, it is isolated by nature. I just ate my breakfast like it was an ordinary day!

I have no clue if what David Cameron did is a good thing for this country or a bad thing. I know it was a brave thing he did, standing up for what he believed was right, against the grain of everyone else. Some people are predicting doom for the UK while others are predicting doom for the EU and congratulating Mr Cameron for getting the hell out.

Nobody knows what will happen, not even the experts. Only time will tell.

I, as a person who does not relate to Europe and Europeans, who feels a true outsider, thinks that the EU is a mad project doomed to fail. I mean, poor countries will take advantage of the loans and the money and spend beyond their means and get into trouble. It is so obvious. Why can they not see it? Having one currency without one cohesive government behind it seems disastrous to me.

Personally I think the UK is wise to have never taken the Euro. But what the hell do I know? My knowledge of economics would fit into an amoeba.

It seems that I cannot control what happens to me as a citizen of a country at all. Mr Cameron went and did what he did without the permission of any of us citizens. He made the decision that could affect us hugely and we had no choice in this matter at all.

This is politics. We have no control. Democracy likes to fool us into thinking we have freedom and power, but even the people who voted for David Cameron had no say as to the decision he made on Thursday. He has the power, not us.

Bah, humbug. I have no idea what is a good or bad decision in this mad European politics any more. South African politics seems so much more cut and dried and easy to understand. Although it renders one just as powerless.

I am starting to remember why I used to ignore current affairs altogether.

Europeans are mad-crazy. South Africans are hella-crazy. But I totally get why South African politics resembles a circus act. This European balancing act is beyond me.



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  1. Paula
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 12:18:05

    I have not a cooking clue what is going on in this post. I was reading and then my mom kept like talking around me and then my nieces and nephews began…

    Wait, let me try again.

    Okay, its officially lost on me. Although I will say that I like Mr Cameron. He’s jolly good on the telly. British government TV is the isht Po : they fight in british accents, stand up to argue, wait their turn – it’s marvelous. Although you have to see the long term (bigger) picture all the time with government which bugs me.

    And allegedly, dead fish go with the flow. So maybe his decision was/wasn’t good, at the time, it felt right. And proves he isn’t a dead, bug eyed fish.

    I’ve also changed the voice in my head to have a british accent.

    I could go on about current affairs, but what would be the point? I would get bored and heated up and it would just end with everyone losing thier voice (there’s a deep metaphor in what I just said, but let’s choose to ignore it)

    The real question here is: how do people expect us to gym if there is internet at the gym?


  2. seamonkeypo
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 13:04:11

    Paula I think I am just as lost as you in this post, not sure what I was trying to say, except that whether I know what is going on in the world or not seems to make not one bit of difference, I have no control over anything at all!


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