Happy Holidays

I am finally on holiday, hell yes. Although I will have to go in next week to tend to my plantlets and feed them and change their nappies ( seriously my seedlings are in hydroponics and need their foam bungs changed). This happens every year, oh the woes of being a scientist.


I have realised that there are very few things in this life that I love more than being at home alone, in bed, reading a book. I am sure this makes me a sad person in the eyes of others, but to me it is bliss.


Anyway, I hope you all have a grand Christmas and a fun New Year, if you celebrate such things. This time last year it was like -12 and there was frost and ice and snow everywhere. Now it is 12 and yesterday was sunny and warm. I cannot say I am complaining about this. This time last year I went to Brazil but as there is no Southern Hemisphere winter-relief holiday in store for me this year, I will take all the decent (for England) weather I can get.

Adios for now


xx Po



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