Better bloggers.

While I seem to have lost my creativity/writing mojo completely, both the BFG and my sister have started blogs bursting with awesomeness and creativity. Ugh, jealousy is an ugly emotion. Anyway, if I can’t blog about the stuff in my head, I can blog about them.

I love the BFG’s blog, it makes me smile every time he posts something. His sense of humour is just so offbeat.

My sister wrote a post that I wish I had the levels of creativity to write. But do NOT. I want to post it here,  (stealing her blog juice!) because it is really worth reading.

But you are going to have to go to the actual post on her blog, because there you shall be rewarded with pictures of Pikachu doing my housework.


Pikachu does the vacuuming.

You see, the thing is, really, bi-polar disorder is often associated with creativity. These days it seems flocks of celebrities have been diagnosed with the thing making it appear almost fashionable. The manic bit the brain indulges in is often somewhat condusive to bursts of glorious creative genuisness. In these few weeks or days, (depending on the length of your average ‘the world is so great and shiny’ spurt) you make several life changing decisions due to over bubbling, bloated confidence in thineself.

  • Gee whizz I’m a good songwriter!!! I’m going to write the best song ever written!!!! John Lennon was an amateurish amateur with his little box of coloured crayons!! Eat my crayola dust!
  • My life is just full of Hollywood teary eyed moments! That’s it!!!I’m penning the next Oprah book choice!!!
  • I’m going to learn the entire history of the planet!! And get my degree in everything that’s happened on the earth ever!!!!!

These spurts are usually populated by whole nations of exclamation marks.

But then the happy bubbles start to fade and you look at your measly 2 paged autobiography of sheer hyperactivity detailing all the animals you’ve ever stroked; or the rough recording you made of  ’Sharkyboy’; or the sandwich crumbed first page of some history text book, which is as far as you got, and you think to yourself, most articulately….


And this is where the downfall has its beginnings. It’s not merely, oh woe is me the clouds are so dark above my head, while the rest of the world appears to  be frolicking in fountains. Instead, an all consuming black hole forms munching on those creativity amoebas whilst they attempt to flee. As you pick through the debris, what your brain tells you is that this is how it will always be. No matter how capable and brilliant you think you are, really you’re just a pile of useless dust that will never amount to anything…ever.

This contrast is what encourages those ever-lingering suicide thoughts. The sudden desolation and indescribable pain you feel when you realize that there is no point endeavouring to achieve…anything because  nothing you can do could ever be of any worth. The black hole then has the momentum to begin slowly absorbing all its surroundings, and then it’s…well there is no point in going outside into the world today. I’m a blip. Or a blimp.

Once you start hiding from the outside world it gets easier to trap those smothering dark clouds in with you and harder to escape until you are wallowing in a self-hating, painful, writhing depression.

But, if you can ride out the worst of it then you’re ready to begin overindulging in your favourite K-pop bands who have released new albums, dance routines or variety shows as your eyes bleed K-poppy joy, until slowly each day begins to get lighter and you don your favourite pikachu babygro to do household chores in whilst belting out indecipherable Korean lyrics.

And the happy bubbles once more begin to bubble.

Bi-polar tip 1: Find yo’self a Korean pop obsession


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