Prize winner!

I won a competition on Damaria’s blog! Seriously I have never won such a thing before, I am so excited.


Damaria is a writer of all sorts of things and has just published two children’s stories on Amazon for the Kindle.  They are so cheap, they cost 77p each, which is ridiculously cheap and it is really refreshing to be able to read kids stories set in your own country with your own cultural context, so I think you should definitely go and buy them.


Personally I feel like I grew up in the US, because all of the books and films and songs I encountered as a child were from there. When I dreamed of writing stories as a teenager I set them in some nameless US city, with American characters and American language. I have still never actually been to the US.


There is nothing wrong with reading about the US at all, but it is a real pleasure to read stories set in your own country, it helps you to accept your own culture as real and worthwhile and valid, which it is.


Damaria  gave  me two of her ebooks and she also gave me a $5 Amazon voucher. If she knew how many hours I spent browsing on Amazon and how much MONEY I spend at Amazon (I always ask for Amazon gift vouchers as gifts) she would know that this is the best prize ever for me!


I would be so happy if some people stopped by and bought her stories. Please tell me if you do.


Waking up Grandma.

The doll that grew. (There is an Afrikaans edition too).


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