Time like sand slipping through my fingers.

It hit me yesterday – I don’t want March to be over already.

This always happens. A new year starts and I hope that this year I will actually make an effort to be mindful and plan and appreciate the moments. And then all of a sudden three months have passed and I realise I have been marching through the days in my zombie routine, letting the daily grind nudge me along.

This year is different in a way, I suppose. We have been doing stuffs. Travelling quite a lot. Will be moving country. Both the BFG and I are exhausted already. Ha. This weekend we are flying to Frankfurt, will be in Konigstein um Taunus for less than a day, then flying to Italy! That is just the first two days of our trip. Sometimes I wonder if it is sensible to call these times “holidays”. More like endurance regimes.

Anyway, tally ho until I am back from Italia! I hope nothing important happens while I am away, because there is a good chance I won’t know anything about it. England, don’t go burning down buildings in the name of pie tax while I am away, ok?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. paulabubble
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 17:17:21

    my dear darling po

    again i am swimming in the sea of indecision about making another blog. I have so many variables to consider….

    anywho, worry not about your move to sa. enjoy your time left. be peaceful in your heart, let the butterflies guide your way.

    In all, in honesty,

    PS I’m a wistful mood, excuse my somewhat tepid reply to your post. I’ve been reading books that way of late…

    Hugs with kisses and fireflys,


  2. seamonkeypo
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 21:25:28

    Yay paula! I always feel happy when I have a paula comment :) I am very into your idea of being peaceful in my heart and stuff, I am into Zen ness. Keep me updated with the bloggy decisions.


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