Belief is good.

I want so badly to start blogging again. I have just lost the will somehow, lost myself maybe. I cannot stop reading other people’s blogs though.

This weekend I read through the entire set of archives of the blog Rage against the Minivan. I am sure many people are well aware of this blog by now, I am a bit slow, but I LOVE it.

Kristen is  intelligent and funny, and so amazing. She writes about trans-racial adoption and bringing up 4 children in such a beautiful and funny way. I mean, I don’t even have kids and I love every post. I wish there were more  people like her in the world. She is a Christian, and I am definitely noticing a trend of being attracted to the blogs of people who are religious, but intelligent and moderate, rather than blogs by anyone of extreme views, be they religious or atheist.

People who believe in God really do have a different world view. I guess if you don’t believe in God or an afterlife, no matter how humanistic and moralistic you are, you are more likely to avoid suffering and seek enjoyment than a person who believes in God. We think we only have this one time on earth and then that is IT. So we want to enjoy it and have some fun. I am not talking hedonism here. But perhaps we are less likely to give up significant parts of our time and happiness for others.

I am not saying that people who do not believe in God are not charitable or kind or think about others. But if you do believe in a God, and feel that it is your duty to Him to help others, and that you will be rewarded for this in an afterlife, then you will be more prepared to make huge sacrifices to help others. And this is the trend that I see. I admire it greatly. If you read Kristen’s blog you will see links to many examples of what I am talking about, people of faith doing amazing things for others in a sacrificial way.

I also feel that believing in God and in heaven must help in a huge way when things are so bad that the only alternative  a person can see is suicide. If you are completely alone and truly believe that no one cares for you, but you know that God is there watching over you and has a plan for your life, I am sure you are much less likely to go through with it than if you believe NO one cares and that there is no plan and life is truly just awful for some people.

I cannot change what I do or don’t believe. I can’t force myself to believe. But I do see the big differences that a God-orientated world view bring. Pity I am some kind of belief-mutant.


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  1. nevernicole
    May 04, 2012 @ 15:59:06

    I agree, I find that people with some kind of belief system are somehow just a little more at peace.

    Also, I know what you mean about blogging. I sort of hit a rut right after I started a new job last year – because I didn’t (and don’t) have any time during the day to spend online. And by the time I get home in the afternoon i kind of just want to sit there and drool a little. :) But I so miss it….and I miss my peeps! (You’re one of them!)

    That said, I haven’t heard of that blog…off to take a peek.


  2. paulabubble
    May 05, 2012 @ 11:57:55

    Well um. I miss you blogging too. But there seems to be a general blog silence, except in the blogs of those who blog about things. Maybe we’re living our lives instead of writing about them- which is kind of refreshing to us. Being silent. ;)

    It makes me happy to read a post like this. Made my heart all gooey and fuzzy inside.

    I’m in a seriously mellow mood today because I spent the better half of it in the sun, so sorry for the somber (so unlike me) reply.


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