The forward dies here.

Once a week or so I still get forwards about South Africa.

They always follow the same pattern. Some distinguished person, a left-wing journalist, or a smart economist, or even a BLACK person (I had one supposedly written by Moletsi Mbeki) bewailing the state of the nation. However these distinguished people become remarkably right-wing, extreme and just plain racist in these emails supposedly penned by them.


Let me be blunt, it is blatantly obvious when the forwards are faked. Bad, nasty, biased English. Right-wing agendas dripping from every word. They are poisonous and they make me feel dirty having them in my mail.


And they are an insult to the people who are supposed to have written them.


World, please stop forwarding these things! They say more about the forwarder than anything else.


Just so we are clear, I fully support affirmative action in South Africa as one of many strategies for economic empowerment.

I do not think the ANC is wonderful, but I do not need childish emails full of racism to help me see problems, intelligent enquiry can help me see what I need to see. And interesting how these angry forwards never propose a better solution to anything, ever.




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  1. Jerusha
    Jun 07, 2012 @ 10:33:19



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