Whirlwind greetings

Hello world, it has been some time.

It was just over a week ago that we left our workplaces and moved out of our flat. We are camping at my parentals now. Talk about an emotional whirlwind. I spent a week talking to people and saying goodbye. I don’t think it has really hit me that I won’t be working with those guys ever again. I will miss them so much.

We just got back from a week in Dubai visiting the BFG’s parentals. It was pretty glorious, even at 45 degrees, because the UK is having the wettest summer ever ever, oh wait wasn’t that last year, or the year before? Well, it is more than standardly wet anyway. So brain-frazzling heat was quite a novelty, and frazzled it got, a few times.

We had a great time out in the desert away from the mad city, visiting a water park and snorkeling in the beautiful Fujeirah sea. It is hard to leave knowing we may never visit Dubai again when his parents leave, and knowing we only see them every two years or so. Leaving people is so hard.


We have one day of rest in the UK and then we are off on an adventure to Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Has anyone been to any of these places? Can anyone give us any advice? It will be the rainy season. I hope we don’t drown! We’ll be taking our snorkels so we should be fine :P

Til we return, Adios!


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  1. Roz
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 19:43:25

    All sounds really exciting, although I know how hard it can be to leave people behind. I know Mexico quite well. It’s so big, though, it’s hard to choose what to recommend. If you’re going to Belize and Guatemala, though, I guess you will be in the south. I hope you do go to Mexico City though. There are some wonderful buildings and museums, but just being in the city itself is amazing. It’s so different. The Caribbean coast is beautiful but very touristy and Cancun feels just like the US. I liked the Pacific Coast better. Oaxaca has some beautiful beaches. Each small town has its own special dish or festival or history and it’s nice to find out what that is and then experience it. I highly recommend getting a guidebook if you don’t have one since they should have that info. Oh, and I liked seeing the pyramids and ruins but it’s so much more meaningful once you have read something about the history. Enjoy your trip!!


  2. poseamonkey
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 01:49:03

    Hey Roz, wow thanks for the info! We only have 6 weeks, so we were planning to stick to the Yucatan area of Mexico and maybe get to Chiapas if we have time. it is really not enough time :( Am feeling that already. we are in cozumel now, and i knew of course that it was a super touristy place, so i came forewarned, but it does get a bit much sometimes. but still, the place is beautiful, can’t deny that. i wanted more time, but the bfg needed to get back to work. i wanted to go to the pacific coast for some waves, but i doubt we will make it. we really liked Valladolid so far, it was so peaceful in comparison to the coast.


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