Thank you Madiba.

I have not blogged for so long that this is not even a blog any more. I have wanted to, but life gets in the way. However, I just had to take note of Nelson Mandela’s death last night. I have made mention of my admiration for him many times over the years on this blog. He gave us a nation that ALL of us could finally be proud of, that we could finally call free. I want to acknowledge and thank him for being one of the rare human beings who could be locked away for 27 years and not be bitter, and forgive. If he did have anger in his heart, he did not speak it. He rose above the anger and hate, something that so few of us are able to do. He lost 27 years of his life. That is terrible. That is something that is hard to comprehend. But he moved on and forgave and that was a big deal. So thank you Madiba. You were rare amongst men. The rest of us can only muddle along and hope to approximate your humanity.

This is something I wrote years ago, I think I posted it before. I never finished editing it. It is not perfect, but it is truly from the heart.



Life is a sentence.

Can a sentence contain a small man

bent over a hammer

crushing stones?

A sentence cannot bind a man

whose roughened hands remould

the dust and gravel and blood and bones

of a wasted,  sentenced place,

a man whose tongue digs past words

in men whose words are shackles.


Asimbonanga. (we have not seen him)


He whose tongue plants hope in stony ground

cannot be stopped or forced to pause by loaded terms

that conjugate divisions and subjugation

into the revisions of the times.


Asimbonanga. (we have not seen him)


There are no words

he needs no words

his face is our face

he is engraved in our hearts,

a man, an old man bent over a hammer

crushing stones.

Asimbonang’ uMandela thina (we have not seen Mandela)


A sentence can be very long

A sentence can last 27 years

But no sentence can withstand

your hammer – Amandla!

You who dared to pull

a branch of the tree.

nKosi utata Mandela.

Simbonile. (we have seen him)


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